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Your Curious Baby: Baby's Seventh Month Guide
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Still don't get those requisite winks of sleep? You might want to consider various ways to let your baby go back to sleep by himself when he wakes up in the middle of the night. In baby's seventh month, he no longer needs those nighttime feeds unless he is not getting enough during the day.

Creepy crawly

Your seven-month old baby might be able to sit without support and even pull himself up. He probably can creep and crawl; making you thankful for the hours you spent childproofing the house.

Gifted babies

Some babies develop a few skills much earlier than others. If your baby is one of them, she might be gifted. Helping her hone her skills is not being pushy. At the same time, don't let your expectations mar your baby's delightful childhood.

Remember that all babies are gifted in different ways. Strike the right balance of encouragement and support to help your baby become a wonderful human being. Make your baby's seventh month and the months to come, an exciting time for the entire family.

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Your Curious Baby: Baby's Seventh Month Guide
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