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What Does My New Baby Really Need? A Guide to Shopping for Your New Baby
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Furniture and Accessories

* co-sleeper/bassinet/cradle or crib

* mattress, waterproof pads, at least two sheets and other bedding

* changing table or other safe changing area

* mobile for the crib and/or changing area

* changing pad and 2 covers

Nursing Necessities

* nursing pillow

* washable or disposable nursing pads

* rental, electric or manual breast pump and storage bottles or bags if you plan to pump milk

* feeding bottles (2-4 4 oz to start), nipples, and bottle brush if you plan to use bottles

Below you will find a short list of things new moms will need to have on hand.

New Mother Care

* sitzbath herbs

* big box of extra-long maxi pads for locchia

* nursing nightgown or comfy cotton pajamas

* small tube of modified lanolin or other product to soothe sore nipples

* nursing bras (1-2 comfy nursing bras plus a sleep bra to take to the hospital -- you can get more when your milk comes in, in case your size changes)

Other Good Ideas

* pick out birth announcements (address envelopes before baby comes, if possible)

* make a Belly Cast to remember this amazing time!

Also a good thing to know is that some of these accessories and gadgets are fun to have. Some of them even help make your life easier. However these are not must haves, all your baby really needs is your love and affection and your baby will grow and flourish. Remember you must have a car seat for baby, because the hospital will not let you leave without it! Plus you want to protect your little miracle in any way possible. Relax and enjoy this time with your precious baby because this time will never return.

If possible line up friends and family who will bring meals or come help you out at home after the baby is born (and a good friend to coordinate) and/or hire a doula to help. This way you can spend even more time just worrying about the baby, while someone else worries about YOU!

About The Author

Melida Cohen is the author of "Baby's First Year: Everything You Should Know but probably don't". She is a wife and mother to 3 children ages 1, 7, and 8. Her goal is to empower new mothers and mothers to be. Visit http://www.CareForMyBaby.com to get a free copy of her baby care newsletter or visit her blog at http://www.CareForMyBabyBlog.blogspot.com to chat with her and other new moms.

What Does My New Baby Really Need? A Guide to Shopping for Your New Baby
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