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The Truth About Baby Bedding
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A vinyl cover over the mattress itself keeps the mattress from getting soaked through. Remember to cover it with clean cotton bedding and to change it whenever it gets dirty. You do not want baby to suffer from skin allergies from dirty bed linen.

For safety sake, get baby to sleep face up or on the side. Don't let baby sleep lying on its stomach. Here is a BBC article about cot deaths links cot deaths with the baby sleeping on its stomach. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/health/520993.stm.

Finally, since baby is going to spend most of her time in the crib, even while she is awake, give her something to look at cotton baby bedding found at http://www.beddingsets.net/cotton-baby-bedding.htm with friendly patterns, little animals, or other interesting pictures keep her occupied, and stimulate her mind. Plain white crib bedding sets without any patterns are really boring. They do not give baby anything to look at. To make matters worse, plain sheets show up stains glaringly. Patterned bedding sets are more forgiving in this aspect. Besides, babies would find pattern bedding more interesting.

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Janice Wee is the webmaster of http://www.beddingsets.net/, a resource that is created to help you decorate your bedroom.

The Truth About Baby Bedding
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