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The Advantages Of Baby Slings
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Baby slings are very different from front carriers. A front carrier allows the baby's legs to hang down and the most of the baby's weight rests at the base of his or her spine. A sling allows the baby's weight to be distributed evenly and will provide all-over support. If you have never tried a sling, you will need to experiment with it to find the most comfortable position for both you and your baby. You will need to make sure the sling hangs no lower than your bellybutton to prevent back strain and make sure you walk around a bit immediately after placing your baby in the sling to allow him/her to settle in. Babies like movement and are very content in a sling while to mother is going about her daily activities.

Being carried in a sling will not spoil a baby. The human infant develops trust, compassion, and deep emotional bonds with others at a very early age. A baby sling will give your child warmth and comfort, and the continual close contact with the mother will result in dramatically less crying and discontentment. Your baby's emotional, intellectual, and physical development can be greatly enhanced when you spend a large amount of time in close contact with your baby during early infancy.

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The Advantages Of Baby Slings
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