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It's a Year Already! : Baby's Twelfth Month Guide

 by: Michelle Higgins

Congratulations on completing one year of (successful?) parenthood!

Happy Birthday!

Your lively little darling has become fiercely independent and more adventurous. Watch his first unaided strides into the big world. Start planning for his first birthday party! Your little one may even 'dance' to the music much to your delight.

Your one year-old baby's development

Your one year-old baby can stand well without support and walk without help too (She loves to 'stand' so much, she may refuse to sit down!). She can put objects into containers and fish them out. She likes to share her toys with others (but wants them back immediately!). She may become attached to a particular toy that becomes a comfort object.

She may still shy away from strangers. She seems to love books, flips through the pages and identifies familiar pictures. She can understand some of your instructions and knows how to use certain objects. She behaves herself while you dress her and even co-operates by putting out her arms. She identifies herself in the mirror and seems to like what she sees.

Mealtime fun

You might want to wean your one year-old baby off breast milk or the bottle. You can introduce cow's milk now. Give him only whole milk cause he needs the fat too. Let him join the family for meals. You will be amazed at how deftly he maneuvers the spoon to bring it to his mouth! Increase his solid food intake to replace the traditional liquids he has been feeding on.

Baby's health

In baby's twelfth month, she requires around 12 hrs of sleep daily. Remember that she should get enough sleep to maintain good health (and for you to maintain good health too!). Encourage one or two day time naps. Spend more time with her at bedtime to soothe her to sleep. It is also time to consult her doctor for a regular exam and check if any immunizations are due.   (continued...)

It's a Year Already! : Baby's Twelfth Month Guide
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