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Irish Baby Names - History and Origin
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So the first name origins of Irish Christian names and

surnames lie overwhelmingly in this gaelic Celtic culture

which was totally dominant until the end of the 19th century.

Only at this point do we see English culture making inroads

in language, games and of course in first name origins.

In fact, this was not voluntary as primary schools were

established in all the major towns from the 1830's onwards

where English was the only language of instruction and Irish

gaelic was forbidden.First name origins of Celtic descent

gradually declined and English baby names became popular for

the first time.

Irish Revival

By the end of the 19th century, Irish was in crisis and

English totally dominant in all the commercial, legal and

cultural spheres of Irish life. At this time organisations

to stem the English tide were established such as the Gaelic

Athletic Association(to foster the games of hurling and

gaelic football), and the Gaelic League to prevent the

decline of the Irish language.

This brings us up to the present where the meaning of baby

names of most first names in Ireland are English in origin or

anglicisations of native Irish names.This bilingual melange

will continue. It remains to be seen whether first name origins

of Irish gaelic ancestry will increase as they have been doing,

or whether the sea of Anglo-American influence will predominate.

(c) John Lynch

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John Lynch

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Irish Baby Names - History and Origin
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