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I'm Finally a Baby

 by: Dr GW Graham

A True Story – Sort of

I must have sat in the pre birth station for a long time.

It was massive. As far as you could see, there was nothing

but seats with little TV screens. Each seat had a child in

wating. One of the other kids said it looked like a big

train station. Whatever that meant. I haven’t the foggiest

idea what a train is.

Like all the other children, I just sat there, forever

it seems, watching my new parents on my screen. Well,

I hoped they would be my new parents. They were a

beautiful couple. I watched them grow up, go to school

and get married. I listened in as they talked about

having children. ME!

But as time passed, nothing happened.

Some of the supervisors came by and asked if I wanted

to be reassigned to a different couple. But I loved my

mom and dad. So I sat there watching the screen, praying

for something to happen.

Then one day my parents decided to go visit a “Baby

Doctor”. He tested both mom and dad. He then guaranteed

that for $1400 per month he would get them a baby.

Things were looking up.

So mom took the medications for month after month. She

used little glass sticks to tell her when she was hot.

Then she and dad kissed a lot.

But, still, nothing happened.

So they went to another doctor and he said that for

$2000 a month he would get her pregnant.

Three more doctors couldn’t do anything. The last one

said something about “Poly Cystic Ovaries.” Whatever

that means.

Mom cried a lot after that.

My grandmother worked for someone that did business

with a man who made people healthier by working on

their homes. Didn’t use pills or shots. He didn’t

even touch people. Just touched their homes.

So they called him.


I'm Finally a Baby
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Dr GW Graham

30 Years in Environmental Counseling

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