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How to Choose a Baby Gate

 by: Jackie G. Maxwell

Once your baby is out of their crib and playpen, you're going to need some way of ensuring their safety. That's why learning how to choose a baby gate can be one of the most important things you'll do while baby-proofing the house.

The first place you'll want to install a baby gate, is at the top, and bottom of any stairway the baby may have access to. Gates installed at the top of stairways should always be done with hardware mountings, and not expandable pressure bars. This is for those rare instances when the bar can be jiggled loose and give way, allowing the baby to fall down the stairs. The pressure gates can be used at the bottom of stairs, however.

Baby gates today, generally come as mesh panels, vertical rail/bars that are built to government specifications regarding the width between them, or expandable accordion style gates that also must meet stringent requirements as to measurements of the diamond shapes that open up when the gate is stretched to fit a doorway.   (continued...)

How to Choose a Baby Gate
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