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Cool Baby Clothes...Cool Baby Site

 by: Ramon Weber

We've got Cool Baby Clothes for all your Babies...

Aren't you wondering why your baby just won't stop crying? You fed her, changed her diaper, and burped her but nothing seems to make her happy! Maybe she doesn't like the hand-me-down pink polka dot onesie that she's wearing for the sixteenth time. Try dressing her in clothes from http://www.theretrobaby.com --a cool new outfit is guaranteed to make every baby happy! Seriously . . . who could cry while sporting an awesome MrT A-Team or Beaker T-shirt?

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!

Babies have feelings too, you know. You don't feel your best or most confident when you aren't happy with your outfit, and neither does your baby. Your children want to be the "cool kids" in the neighborhood and they shouldn't suffer just because they can't speak up or dress themselves! No little boy wants to wear a lame duckie outfit when he could be getting attention and laughs from the adults in a retro Fraggle Rocker onesie.   (continued...)

Cool Baby Clothes...Cool Baby Site
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