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Choosing a Safe Babysitter

 by: Amanda Baker

You want to go out - just Mommy and Daddy. That's perfectly normal, but you can't find a family member that is available to care for your children. So you decide to hire a babysitter. Hiring a babysitter can be one of the most important choices you have to make for your children.

There are a couple of steps that should be followed before hiring a babysitter. You first and most importantly never hire a sitter just because they seem nice. Some of the nicest people turn out to be serial killers! Don't get a potential babysitter the benefit of the doubt. Child predators come in every age, size, and gender.

You should always ask for references and be sure to check them out! Call to see if the references are credible and accurate. Sometimes, references are just friends and family members. You, as a parent, want previous babysitting jobs as references.

Just like an employer in an office building, your next step is an interview. Speak to the potential sitter. Have a nice conversation and include your child! See how the child feels about the sitter. Do you and your child feel comfortable with this person? Do they appear friendly and genuinely caring? Finally, you should ask your children about the sitter. Don't force a sitter on your child. Your child should be happy with the person.   (continued...)

Choosing a Safe Babysitter
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About The Author

Amanda Baker writes for All Things Pondered: http://AllThingsPondered.com.