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Baby Steps

 by: Raymond S. Usbal

Big time success is indeed a big thing and can't be easily achieved.

Remember when you have a baby in the house? Isn't it that mama and papa cheered for the little child when he was learning to walk and doing baby steps? They love to see it. Why, because they see progress. Before, all the baby does is lie down and cry when hungry. Then the little child can sit, crawl, stand, and now as if miraculously, he takes a step or two before loosing balance to fall on papa's arms!

One morning after my night-shift work at the office, I went to the shop to have my ID laminated. It's my TIN ID which I got the other day after a week of waiting. Then I went to the SSS Office to request for my SSS ID but I was told to wait for two months. It will take them that long to process my request but I can't do anything about it. Good for me for I have no immediate need of it yet. After that, I went to the bank to get my EON Card which I can claim now that I have my TIN ID.

I was then tired and sleepy but nonetheless contented for I know that I have accomplished something that day.   (continued...)

Baby Steps
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About The Author

Raymond S. Usbal is a Filipino Christian writer who wants to inspire others by sharing tidbits of wisdom and humor for practical living. He is, at the same time, a PHP/MySQL programmer. Be inspired more by visiting http://inspirational-pages.com!

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